Dear Clients: I am happy to announce that I am moving my office on July 31, 2021. The new location is in the Morningside neighborhood of Pittsburgh. The new address is: 6808 Greenwood Street Suite # 4Pittsburgh, PA 15206 There is a dental practice ( Polished Dental) and a hair salon (Pixie) in the same… Read More »

Newsletter April 30, 2020

3-30-20 Dear clients and friends, I am writing to tell you that my office will remain closed for the next 2 weeks starting Monday March 30. This is in keeping with all I’ve read about how to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. I hope everyone understands. I look forward to getting back to work… Read More »


  Dear clients, I am closing my office for 2 weeks initially, starting today, March 17. This is in compliance with the Allegheny County and CDC recommendations for the coronavirus outbreak. I have very mixed feelings about this decision, but ultimately feel it is the right one at this time, to protect the health of… Read More »

More on Meditation…………..

We all know that regular, moderate exercise is good for us. Excessive exercise is not. And the same is true for mental exercise. Moderate use of our minds is good, excessive use, not so much. Yet most of us spend far too much time thinking and over-exercising our minds. We never allow our minds to… Read More »

The Many Benefits of Meditation

Although acupuncture is the most well-known of the 8 Branches of Chinese Medicine, historically, meditation has been considered the highest form of medicine in China. The 8 Branches are meditation, exercise like tai chi and qigong, diet, philosophy, bodywork like tuina na, massage and gua sha, feng shui and astrology, herbal medicine, and acupuncture. There… Read More »

Pao Zhi: The Alchemical Art of Processing Chinese Herbs

  The art of processing Chinese medicinal herbs and other substances according to traditional specifications is called pao zhi. The extensive use of pao zhi is distinctive and unique to Chinese herbal medicine. Many of the pao zhi techniques have been used for thousands of years and are well established. Traditionally, pao zhi methods use… Read More »


  After more than 3,000 clinical trials of acupuncture, many skeptical scientists are convinced that despite the benefits that patients might think they experience, the whole thing is simply a highly convincing placebo effect. Just like they do with drugs, scientists test whether acupuncture works against a placebo, which most often is placing needles at… Read More »


  In order to get the best treatment outcomes with acupuncture, especially in cases of chronic problems, it’s important to receive frequent treatments, 2 to 3 acupuncture treatments per week, in many cases. This is particularly true at the start of treatment. In China, patients are often treated daily for several days in a row… Read More »

The Many Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric is a flowering plant of the ginger family. Native to India, the dried roots are powdered and used in Indian and Asian cooking, especially curries, where it lends its characteristic bright yellow color. Turmeric was probably originally imported to China from India, perhaps during the Tang Dynasty (618-907), a time of great international trade.… Read More »

Acupuncture is Cost-Effective

Many clinical trials performed during the last several decades have confirmed the effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of many diseases, from chronic pain syndromes to mood disorders to breech babies. And its unique safety profile makes it the safest effective medical intervention known in the world. Apparently this is not quite enough in our… Read More »